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Please review the learning materials For The Teacher before proceeding.

What are the EWDG Lessons?
“Exploring the World, Discovering God” (EWDG) lessons are an interfacing of a science component with a religion component. The lessons are organized into Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science sections. The concept for the lesson is demonstrated in both the science and the religion components. The lesson is designed to fit into your teaching unit. The lessons are activity based, requiring very ordinary, inexpensive, and easily obtained materials. We did not attempt to create an entire curriculum. The teacher should pick those lessons which will enhance the curriculum.

What are the State Standards for the Lessons?
Each state sets Science Standards. Since these lessons were initially developed in Missouri, the particular concept may be listed under another grade level in your State Standards. The teacher is advised to check various grade levels to see if there is a concept which fits your State Standards. While the lessons are listed under each grade level, Pre-K—grade 8, the teacher is also advised to look for the concept and then judge if the lesson is suited to the ability of the students

HERD Seal HERD Seal of Approval Awarded to EWDG

The Home Educators Resource Directory (HERD) (www.homeeddirectory.com) notified EWDG in May, 2011, that they were recipients of the HERD Seal of Approval
“… in recognition of your support to the home school community.” 
This official seal notifies users that  www.Creationlens.org is an approved HERD resource.

What is contained in the Lessons?
In each lesson document, you will find the Title, General Concept, Science Lesson Concept, Religion Lesson Concept, Goals of Science and Religion Lessons, Outcomes Expected, Materials Needed, and step-by-step Methodology sections. The step-by-step methodology section assists teachers of varied levels of experience to successfully teach the lesson. The Resources, Links, and Computer Lesson sections follows. The web-sites referenced in the lessons were accurate at the time of publication. In addition, the teacher will find a teacher list of Key Words of the lesson as well as a reproducible student Key Word page at the end of the lesson document.

What faiths are covered in the Lessons?
Each lesson has a faith/religion component. In an attempt to be interdenominational there is a Catholic component and a Christian component for each lesson. We realize that the Christian Community is a marvelously varied entity. The teacher may have to adjust the Christian Lesson for the particular denomination

How do I obtain the Lessons?
The faith/science lessons/modules in Exploring the World, Discovering God (EWDG) are temporarily off-line as we restructure and develop the site for your convenience. If you need more information on these popular faith/science lessons for Pre-K – Grade 8, please contact Sister Marianne Postiglione, RSM at 314-792-7221 (9:00am-4:00pm Central Time - Monday-Friday) or email her at mariannepost@archstl.org


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